The Best Way To Sell My House Miami

The property market in Miami, Florida is one of the most flourishing markets in the whole United States. There are a lot of property owners who are taking advantage of a large number of industrialists and tourists who live in the city and making a whole lot of money from the property here. So the question we will be focusing on is on how to sell my house Miami.

Even with as healthy as the property market is in the city, there are still a lot of people who are finding it hard to make ends meat in the industry. The reasons for this vary, but the fact is, a lot of homeowners struggle to rent or sell their houses in Miami. If you are one of those people in this situation, we have good news for you as we have discovered a surefire way for you to sell your Miami house as fast as possible and make enough money from it to happily move on with your life.

Introducing Your Property Solution Center

If you are serious about selling your house fast in Miami then you have come to the right place. At Your Property Solution Center, our firm is built to provide a solution to any property problem you might be going through in the city of Miami. We are a full-service real estate investment firm located in Miami, Florida. With Your Property Solution Center, every home has the potential to be bought, no matter how many times it has been rejected by other buyers in the past.

What Services Do We Offer?

As a full-service real estate investment firm, these are some of the services we offer:

Handling Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure sales are quite common in the city of Miami due to various economic reasons. When this situation arises, the first solution would be to sell off the house in order to offset the bill. Realistically, this situation doesn’t always favor the debtor as the amount offered in such deals is almost always much more than the market value of the house. With Your Property Solution Center, homeowners finally have someone on their side as we always do our best to offer a fair amount for your property so that you as the homeowner can also come out ahead in the deal.

Buying Unwanted Rental Properties

With an increasing number of unwanted rental properties in Miami-Dade County, we are fully aware of the dire need that many people are facing with these properties. These could be properties in probate, have back taxes, and more. Here at Your Property Solution Center, we want to be the solution for these homeowners. We will make every effort to give our best offer on your unwanted rental property.

Buying Vacant Properties

At Your Property Solution Center, we are also involved in buying vacant houses from homeowners. We have purchased many homes that were lying vacant all over Miami in the past, renovated them and put them back into the market.

Engages in Buying of Fixer Upper

Another service that has been consistently rendered by Your Property Solution Center in recent time is the buying of ‘Fixer Upper’. A lot of homeowners have homes that they are unable to maintain again due to financial constraints. These kinds of homes are characterized by poor interior and exteriors, dilapidated structures and other physical defects. Normally, the owners sell them at a reduced price to the buyer. Your Property Solution Center does this consistently and buys the properties at a considerably fair price compared to what is obtainable in the market.

Buying off Houses owing to Owner’s Relocation

It is a common occurrence for individuals to sell their homes when relocating from one city or country to another. Since we see this every now and then in Miami, Your Property Solution Center is heavily involved in deals like this. They buy houses off individuals who are moving out of Miami and pays them at the reigning market prices at all times.

Other services offered by Your Property Solution Center include helping homeowners get rid of realtors since they do not charge commissions or any other cost when buying your apartment. They also help troubled couples who are going through a divorce to sort out their home issues in case they need to sell owing to their current situation.

What makes us Different?

Probably one of the first questions anyone would want to ask is what makes Your Property Solution Center different? After all, there are a lot of firms out there who help people to buy and sell properties. Why are they then considered special? The answers are not far-fetched. Let us quickly highlight a few points that distinguish them from the other house buyers around Miami.

The Process is Pretty Fast

Unlike going through an agent or listing of your property on different sites where it can take months or even years to get a buyer, the process is pretty fast and efficient with Your Property Solution Center. As a matter of fact, after meeting them, if your property passes the litmus test, the sales process would likely be completed in 7 days or less.

You will Get Your Cash Almost Immediately

Another great thing about Your Property Solution Center is the fact that homeowners get their cash almost instantly after the sales have been confirmed. The maximum number of time you would have to wait to get your cash is 7 days, and you can even get your cash in as little as 24 hours sometimes depending on how fast the deal takes. The bottom line is, when you need the money, you would get it, and in record time too.

The Prices are Fair

One of the things we have come to know with most estate agents and buyers is that the prices they pay for the houses they buy (especially in distressed cases) are not fair. They tend to take advantage of the desire of the owner to sell at all cost and pay an amount that is usually way below the valuation of the property.  This is not the case with Your Property Solution Center as they are known to pay the true valuation of the property they purchase. The testimonies are out there all over the city of Miami, and you should consider doing business with them to sell your house fast and at a fair price too.

What is the Process Involved in Selling Your House to them?

If you have decided to sell your house to Your Property Solution Center, you should know there are a few procedures that must be followed in order to get things done. These procedures are what guide the whole process and it is the same for everyone and every apartment that they are involved with.

Contact Us

Your Property Solution Center as a firm is very passionate about helping people sell their properties, but there is no way they could know about you or your house unless you seek them. Hence, the first thing you should do is to contact them about the house you intend to sell. You can visit any of their offices in Miami, or you can call or send them a mail regarding the houses you wish to sell. This process is totally free as you are not required to pay a dime for consultation. After the contact, wait for their response.


After the firm has received a notice of your contact through any of the means, they would start by taking action almost immediately. One of the first things they do is to evaluate the house you are putting up for sale. Most times, they would conduct a physical survey to see the state of things regarding the house. They would be interested in knowing if the house is yours too, as they wouldn’t want to break the law. Once they have done the necessary checks and they are comfortable with both the physical state of the house and the legal standing, they would set up a meeting with you and your legal representatives (if you have any). The meeting would be used to present their opinions on the state of the house and to get every other fact they need about the house you wish to sell.


After a successful meeting, the management of Your Property Solution Center would come up with a concrete offer and it would be presented to you. Ideally, the offer is always written in a legal format with all terms and conditions clearly spelled out. Also, as we have stated earlier, the offers are usually fair and always represent the true valuation of the property in question in every situation.

Disbursement of Cash

Once the seller has deemed the offer good enough by accepting it, the management of Your Property Solution Center would proceed to pay the agreed amount to the beneficiary (seller). This process is always completed within a 7 days period. After the payment, the title and every other legal paperwork would be finalized and the deal effectively closed.

Likely FAQs about Your Property Solution Center

Since this write up can’t possibly capture everything you need to know about Your Property Solution Center, we have decided to add a few FAQs based on what people have enquired about in the past, and we believe they should help you understand them better.

How does Your Property Solution Center Arrive at the True Valuation of a Property?

Arriving at the true valuation of a property is quite easy. What they do at Your Property Solution Center is to consider the main factors that determine the valuation of every property. Some of the factors considered include the age of the house, location, type of apartment, current condition of the house, prices of house in the area where the house is situated, among others. A combination of all of these would go a long way in helping them arrive at the true valuation of the house under review.

What Kind of Houses do we Buy?

Your Property Solution Center buys all kinds of houses provided it satisfies all their conditions. So, regardless of the kind f house you have on offer, be rest assured they have got you covered.

Do we Buy Houses in all Parts of Miami?

Absolutely, they do. Regardless of where your house is in the city of Miami, Florida, Your Property Solution Center is ready to buy it, provided the house meets its set requirements.

Selling houses fast for cash has never been this easy in Miami. What then are you waiting for? This is your chance to sell that elusive property. Hurry up and reach out to Your Property Solution Center on phone at 786-776-2623 or visit their website at, to get a lasting solution to your real estate problem.